Tamia's Gallery

Tamia’s Gallery

Check out videos and photos of Tamia doing what she does best - singing and representing the incredible values that she stands for. On this page you’ll find clips and videos of concerts, performances, interviews, photo shoots and more. Have a look around and get to know Tamia’s world.


Life Photos

At the airport on my way to South Africa. Let's go!!!!
Great week in the studio. Thx @claudekelly @thejennaandrews @stereotypescam @internz @kosine5 #samhook #dainewarren #tamiaproject
Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mom.
#Repost from @claudekelly with @repostapp ...when the person you are currently in the studio with and the person on your tv screen are the same person
Still working. #studio #lovethissong @claudekelly
Thanks @damoneroberts #eyebrowking
So happy I got my brows done by @damoneroberts today!! So proud of him:))
10am Sunday morning. Cutting vocals for a song written by the great Diane Warren. Inspired by the depth of her catalog & decades of success. Diane continues to have passion & humility as if she is a newcomer to the game. #Admirable
Road to the Final Four
#Repost from @claudekelly with @repostapp In The Zone!! --- brainstorming. in the egg chair. photo courtesy of @gitz9
In the studio with @claudekelly & @stereotypescam photo cred: Claude Kelly
Thx @nelsonvercher @alexsafdari I'm ready for spring:) #lovemyhaircolor
My sweet Myla
Great day with my family. T.V commercial coming soon! @realgranthill
Great commercial shoot today:) @carlenekmakeup @robi40
TBT. Look at the body language. Any closer I would've eaten him. Lol❤️#1997 #holdinghands #handonchest #legoverhis #ducklips #still
Remember this? TBT #2000 #cantgoforthat #electra @nelsonvercher
Representing South Africa in my morning tennis tournament today!#goteam
Thankful for quiet moments
@insidestuff version of the L.J. mask for @realgranthill. Great show today @kristenledlow and the crew. Be sure to watch every Saturday on @NBATV @ noon:) #mypersonalsuperhero #loveit
Best seat in the house. Watching @realgranthill get ready to go live tonight on @NBATV
Me and @realgranthill spending the morning with Lael picking strawberries.
Miss you guys already. @nelsonvercher @demivbeauty
Time to go home.
Thanks D.C!!! @sherihauck @demivbeauty
One of my favorite places to eat in D.C.
I loved these ladies tonight!! Thanks for singing EVERY song!!!
Thanks NYC for sharing your V-day with me. Now off to D.C.
Backstage getting reading for the show tonight in NYC! I am reading through all the submissions now and will select one winner for a song dedication.
#RushHearts brunch pre-performance pic!!! Hitting the stage in 5 mins. Thanks for having me @UncleRush! #NYC
#STILL #lovehim
Long day. Sweet dreams everyone
With @catchoreography in rehearsal getting show ready!
Here with my girls getting ready for tomorrow's show! See you there!! with @sherihauck @kimmimont
Officially SOLD OUT
Good morning from New York.
Sometimes the feeling hits you and you gotta record! It's one of those nights w/ @claudekelly @chuckharmony @jamaicanjerm
RT @ChrisSmithMgmt: Seeing #Tamia in concert this week? Enter @realtamiaworld’s #ValentinesDay contest here! http://bit.ly/LScsOX #vday
It's time again:) See you soon @nelsonvercher @alexsafdari @ritahazan #readyfortheweekend

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